The Future

Group Show at The CET Building.

The Future is not a mystical place which can only be occupied by science fiction or speculation. It is a space that we have direct control over, a space where our decisions, actions and proposals are actively build. The inaugural Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art is acutely aware of this. Taking The Future as a starting point from which to consider what this historic city might become in the 21st century and what role contemporary visual art might play in that transformation, art works in the exhibition showcase visions, impressions and responses to many possible futures.

The festival’s central exhibition, is housed in the historic Coventry Evening Telegraph Building, now known as The CET Building. After several years of standing empty, the whole building has been converted into a large-scale gallery space, which for the 17 days of the biennial houses installations, paintings, photographs, moving image works and sculpture by artists from around the world.

Alongside major international, prize-winning practitioners, this exhibition has a focus on emerging practitioners, allowing audiences an insight into what the future of contemporary art may or may not look like.


Terry Atkinson, Ashish Avikunthak, Mira Calix, Edward Clayton, Bermuda Collective, Matthew Gale, Darryl Georgiou & Rebekah Tolley, Martin Green, Olga Grotova, Emma Ha, Gregory Herbert, Holly Rowan Hesson, Kurt Hickson, Hipkiss & Graney, Katie Hodson, Daniel Sean Kelly, Michael Lightborne, James Lomax, Nicole Mortiboys, Paul Newman, Joe Fletcher Orr, Charley Peters, Marion Piper, Yelena Popova, The Grantchester Pottery, Daniel Salisbury, Natalie Seymour, Emily Speed, Denise Startin, Stuart Whipps, Duncan Whitley, Ryan Williams, Granby Workshop / Assemble, Granby Workshop / Marie Jacotey, John Yeadon.

Open daily. 11am – 6pm.