Light Shifts

Fiona Grady at The Tin Community Space.


Light Shifts is a new site-specific exhibition that combines a series of wall and window drawings to create an ambient and colourful space.

The works will include hand cut vinyl window drawings composed from geometric shapes that respond to the grid like window shutters in the venue. The colourful vinyl will be transparent casting colour into the room and the adjacent wall drawings. At times, they will brighten and glow whilst being on view both from the interior and exterior. The interior wall drawings will map the light, imagining how, on bright days, the forms would be projected onto the walls. The wall drawings will be more muted shifts of colours allowing exaggerated panes of light to stretch across the walls.

The intention of the exhibition is to find ways to create interaction within the venue with simple gestures. The focus on shadows and daylight is a means to connect the inside and outside world, encouraging the exhibition’s audience to appreciate the environment around them and its quieter moments.

Open daily. 11am – 6pm.