12th October 2017

urbanflows (you were here). sirenscrossing at Secret Locations.
How does the city nest in your senses? Is it shaped by habit and half-attention? Do you feel yourself as a part of the complexity… or stay safely within the expected? During this performance you will enter secret vantage points and encounter the unexpected. On the day of the performance you will be sent a message with a secret starting place. The experience will last approximately 80 minutes. Note that the piece will include both indoor and outdoor locations in central Coventry and will proceed rain or shine.

Performances at 5:30pm, 6:30pm & 7:30pm
Tickets cost £12.28. Book here.


Pigment: Painting Today. The Box, FarGo Village.
This symposium explores the enduring practice of painting after it has been declared dead on several occasions. Featuring keynotes and panel discussions by academics from the region and nationally alongside a selection of artists who are showing in our exhibitions.
6pm – 9pm


UnFound. Talking Birds at Secret Locations.
UnFound is a secret event for artists and creative thinkers. Book online, and instructions will be sent to you the week before the event. It will happen somewhere in Coventry and will involve intrigue, art, food, conviviality and some consideration of the future.
7pm – 10pm
Tickets are FREE. Book here.


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